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We’re on a quest to try as many local coffee shops in the city of Chicago!

About Local Coffee Chi

Since 2017 we’ve set out on a journey to try as many local coffee shops in the city of Chicago. Why? Because who doesn’t love coffee! And if you add that with the ambiance of the various coffee shops in the city then you’re pose to get addicted.

Our Meetups consists of meeting up at a local coffee shop, trying some of their awesome coffee (or tea!), and getting to meet some new people! The coffee shops we visit host us by providing us with a space exclusively for our members, giving us samples and discounts, and even sometimes letting us know what their coffees and shop really stands for!

Come join us as we embark on this journey! Get to find a new friend, support a local business, and even find the best local coffee shop in the city of Chicago!


Our Events

Our events are typically hosted on the 1st Saturday of the month. To attend, visit our Meetup group and RSVP accordingly. 

Each event has a group host and they will post in the group once they arrive at the coffee shop so that you know exactly where we’ll be hanging out at. 

Once you arrive, the event host will greet you and answer any questions you might have. 

From there, grab a cup of coffee and hang out with our other members. If we are scheduled to have an activity (like a coffee sampling) then the host will announce when the activity will begin. 


Coffee Shops We’ve Tried

  • Dollop_Local-coffee-chi
  • Groundswell_Local-coffee-chi
  • Intelligentsia_Local-coffee-chi
  • Fairgrounds_Local-coffee-chi
  • Overflow_Coffee_Bar_Local-coffee-chi
  • sip_coffee_house_Local-coffee-chi
  • Sawada_Local-coffee-chi
  • Ridmans_Local-coffee-chi
  • Hotshots_Cafe_Local-coffee-chi
  • Bridgeport_Coffee_Local-coffee-chi
  • La_Boulangerie_Local-coffee-chi
  • Yolk_Local-coffee-chi
  • Two_Hearted_Queen_Local-coffee-chi
  • Turkitch_Local-coffee-chi
  • Avondale_Coffee_Club_Local-coffee-chi
  • Pilot_Project_Local-coffee-chi
  • Helix_Local-coffee-chi
  • Philz_Coffee_Local-coffee-chi

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